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Welcome to The Southern Nevada Pain Center

Our clinic is dedicated to relieving your pain through our philosophy of Commitment, Competence, and Compassion.

Everyone is different, and furthermore everyone has different circumstances surrounding their pain condition. At the Southern Nevada Pain Center our treatment is tailored to your specific diagnosis and circumstances. Our healthcare team looks not only at the anatomic root of the pain, but also the person suffering. We use the latest diagnostic modalities to identify your pain, a regimen of analgesic and interventional techniques to relieve the pain, and close relationship with physical therapy, psychological counseling, and alternative medicine providers to treat the mind and body. We are committed to treating to your care.

Rest assured that you will be cared for by well qualified physicians who have trained at prestigious institutions consistently ranked by US News as the best of the best. All our physicians are fellowship trained in Pain Management, and are either board Certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties, or are in the process of completing their certification.

We understand pain can produce a lot of anxiety and confusion. At Southern Nevada Pain Center we take the time listen to your concerns and answer your questions. We are located at multiple locations throughout the southern Nevada region to ensure that you will be able to see one of our staff quickly. Our goal is to provide committed care with competent staff, and in a compassionate manner. We have a multilingual staff fluent in English, Spanish, Korean and Vietnamese.